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We are a group of passionate individuals invested in communal growth and supporting the local tech economy.

The Origin of Tech2Thrive

Thrive Impact Sourcing was created in 2016 to respond to an opportunity in the marketplace and be part of the solution to a significant problem in our city. There are thousands of IT jobs going unfilled but at the same time, thousands of people are underemployed, not reaching their full potential. In partnership with a local nonprofit, Per Scholas and Thrive collaborated to identify, train, mentor and launch a promising pipeline of IT talent. Per Scholas provided a free, 8-week Quality Assurance Testing program to qualified participants.

Thrive Impact Sourcing employed Per Scholas graduates and then provided mentoring with hands-on learning to help individuals from low-employment areas jump start an IT career. In 2019 Thrive Impact Sourcing was acquired by its sister company, Ingage Partners and became the Thrive Accelerator. With a few years of experience and gained efficiencies, the Thrive Accelerator program is a shining example in the workforce development arena. There has been a shift in the openness of employers to hire newly trained IT professionals into entry-level jobs. Employers are hiring new talent as Software Developers, Test Automator and Business Analysts. While the work of Thrive Accelerator and Per Scholas continues to move people forward, there are many other opportunities in the marketplace. However, many of these opportunities begin after a significant financial investment by an individual to attend a Coding Bootcamp with an average price tag of $15,000. The cost of these Coding Bootcamps create a barrier of entry for low-income, economically diverse people.

The Tech2Thrive Fund was created to empower underrepresented people to begin a thriving career in IT, helping our community and boosting the local economy. This fund removes the immediate financial barrier to access the training needed to win IT opportunities, and the skin-in-the-game to succeed. The Tech2Thrive fund continues to pay it forward for futures generations to thrive.

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Meet the Founders

Business partners Michael and Kelly began their journey in 2011. With decades of consulting experience and an interest in social enterprise, they co-founded Ingage Partners as a way to merge their professional skills with purpose-driven impact. Since then, they’ve launched Pay it Forward Cincinnati and Thrive Impact Sourcing, groups focused on making local impact through technology and education.


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