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An untapped talent pool of high aptitude, motivated adults exists in our community. Let’s boost them up together.

Funding the Future

In close collaboration with local non-profits and for-profit organizations, the Tech2Thrive Fund identifies high aptitude, curious adults who demonstrate the ability to be successful in the field of IT.  In partnership with local coding boot camps, Scholars are provided foundational technical and professional skills for entry-level IT positions and are supported through personal challenges that may be barriers to their success.

Tech2Thrive collaborates with local employers committed to providing our Scholars with entry-level IT positions and continued mentorship.  Over a period of 6 to 12 months, Scholars advance as an independent contributor to a corporate IT team. 

“Critical to success is the ability to apply what has been learned.”

Access to an IT career impacts more than just the individual employee; in fact, the benefits reach families, communities, and our city.

Tech2Thrive provides access to high-quality IT career opportunities for an untapped talent pool in low-employment areas within the region. By matching existing business needs to trained IT talent, we are able to best serve our local businesses while simultaneously changing the socioeconomic trajectory of the underemployed in our community.

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