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A fund dedicated to training an untapped pool of IT talent in our local community

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Tech2Thrive identifies, trains, and prepares a promising pipeline of IT talent for our marketplace. Our mission is to make tech careers accessible for everyone by removing financial barriers associated with coding boot camps and technical training. We empower people traditionally underrepresented in high-earning tech careers by providing opportunities and support for those ready to make a change. Our fund depends on the generosity of the community, on individuals and organizations willing to pay it forward.

Rising Up Together

Thousands of IT jobs are going unfilled each year in our community, and the problem is only projected to grow. This year, there will be an estimate 10,000 unfulfilled jobs in the city. Meanwhile, 1 in 4 Cincinnatians are under/unemployed, living in poverty. We aim to bridge the gap between job opportunities and high-potential people who need them the most. While the outlook of tech careers is bright for our region, the proportion of low-income people, in particular women and minorities, entering these high-paying jobs remains low. In the IT industry, women only represent 20% of the workforce, while minorities represent 13%.

Lack of education, experience, and money for tuition creates barriers that are hard to overcome. The average cost of a coding bootcamp in Cincinnati is $14,750. Tech2Thrive Fund provides opportunities for low-income people with the most potential to get the necessary training to land their first tech jobs while advancing diversity in the field. The fund makes tuition more manageable, meaning one less roadblock on the way to reaching your dreams.

Our Process

Talent Pipeline

We use a proven multi-step selection process to identify smart, eager, and promising talent

Tech Training

Our training partners equip scholars with the tech skills employers desire

Job Placement

Scholars are supported in gaining hands-on work experience and advanced technical skills

Replenish Fund

Having jumpstarted their career, Scholars replenish the fund for the next person in the program

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